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Yoga at Work

Yoga at Work is a low cost Wellness Initiative that can help transform the workplace.                                                                                               


Yoga at Work

Yoga at Work is a low cost Wellness Initiative that can help transform the workplace. Yoga gives employees tools for managing stress and boosts fitness, health and well-being.

1 hour classes and workshops for are available customised to suit your team's needs and bookings for bigger groups can be catered for. 

To book, contact Ruth - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A weekly yoga class can help;

Increase stamina and productivity
Transform tension and tiredness into alertness
Boost the immune system
Release stress and feel refreshed and restored
Decrease employee fatigue and back pain
Enhance employee's physical strength, posture, and overall health

MeditateYoga offers a wide range of Classes, Courses, Workshops in the workplace at lunchtime or onsite after work. Yoga classes can be customised for the group’s specific needs.

Meditate Yoga classes on offer for the workplace include;

Beginner Yoga,
Yoga Flow,
Yoga for Sports,
Yoga to remove tension from neck and shoulders,
Yoga for better Posture,
Yoga for Men,


Restorative and Relaxing Yoga,
Yin Yoga.

Workshops are offered in two packages;

A two hour workshop (morning or afternoon) or A full day workshop which would be 5 hours.
Workshops can be customised to the client’s needs. Workshops previously given are listed below:

Breathe away Work Stress: Postures and Breath work to relax the mind.
Better Posture Less back Pain! Working with key poses that are particularly effective for those whose jobs require sitting all day.
Restore and Relax Yoga –take an hour out to refresh the body and mind
Remove strain and stress from the neck and shoulders-key poses to release tension from the upper body
Developing a Meditation Practice: Meditation for Beginners
Less Stress Yoga-working with simple movements based on Somatics and Alexander technique to release stress from the body

Mindfulness Workshop-an introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation techniques

Here’s What you need for a Yoga at Work class:

A room with sufficient floor space for 7 to 20 yoga mats, this area can be a boardroom, a large office or communal space, a gymnasium etc. Chairs and tables can easily be pushed aside.
Yoga mats (Equipment can be supplied on request),
Suitable ,comfortable, loose clothing and a bottle of water, 
& a sense of adventure!

Contact Ruth