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Yoga for Sports

Yoga for Sports has fantastic benefits for any sportsperson.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Yoga for Sports

Up your game, no matter what the sport by practising Yoga!!!

Yoga for Sports has fantastic benefits for any sportsperson. Yoga can help improve your performance AND help the body recover from stress and strain of any sport.

Yoga is a valuable tool for any sportsperson.

Practising Yoga will help improve your overall performance in sport, as you will begin;

to have better core strength,

greater flexibility and balance,

more stamina and energy,

overall improved strength and focus.

Whatever sport you play, you will experience some overworked and stressed muscles. 

Swimmers are affected by tight shoulders, runners, hurlers and footballers often experience tight hamstrings. 

Cyclists and golfers can lack balance from the repetitive twisting of their body. 

Gym goers can experience lower back pain from overwork and surfers often need to learn breathing techniques and work on building strength. What’s even more serious is that these problems can lead to serious injuries.

Yoga helps with all sorts of muscular imbalances that can lead to serious injuries. It can prevent and heal a wide range of issues including muscle pulls, inflamed tendons, joint stress, back pain. Yoga can release lactic acid from muscle tissue and help heal and work to prevent a variety of sports injuries.

A Yoga Practice helps bring greater body awareness, lengthens tight muscles and strengthens weak ones, improves breathing and fitness and will allow you to be even more focused on your sport.

Group bookings, Yoga courses, retreats and workshops are available on request. Open to all levels and all ages.

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