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Yoga Flow

I teach energetic fast moving yoga classes best described as Yoga Flow . 


Yoga Flow

I teach energetic fast moving yoga classes best described as Yoga Flow.  My classes are based on training I received in Hatha (classical yoga poses that have been around for 5,000 years), Anusara (a heart-opening American style yoga) and Ashtanga Yoga from Mysore in India and Yin Yoga similar to Restorative Yoga.  

I blend these three yoga styles and include movements from Somatics, Tai Chi and Chi Gung. All my classes include breathwork (pranayama), meditation (dharana) and relaxation techniques (dhyana). 

This is a holisitic approach influenced by Patanjali, the father of yoga.  Working holistically in a yoga class means you can enjoy fully all the benefits on offer in this valuable system for well-being and health. 

Yoga Flow is an aerobic and cardiovascular workout combining stretching, improving flexibility and strengthening poses.

This flowing style of yoga co-ordinates the breath with movement and invigorates and tones the body

Aerobic Workout that tones the body

Cardiovascular workout

Increases Flexibility, Strength and Stamina

Massages and detoxifies Internal Organs

Improves Sense of  Well being and Health

Improves Concentration

Reduces Stress levels

Increases Balance, Stability and Energy

Improves Posture

All classes include a relaxation and simple meditation.

Group bookings, Yoga courses, retreats and workshops are available on request. Open to all levels and all ages.

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